Race Sign Ups and Assignments - Updated: December 6, 2022 12:22 PM
Date Race/Location Boat Time Tactician Main Trim Tail Bow Mast Pit Float
Sat Dec 10 Longstreth 2 11:00     Tammy Ruth Joe   Sara  
Sat Jan 7 Bornsen 11:00         Joe      
Sat Jan 22 Longstreth 3 11:00         Joe      

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How Do I Sign Up For A Race or Regatta? Send Mike Whittemore an email...or call or text to 619-884-8844.

Melokia is berthed at Slip E-2 at the Coronado Yacht Club.

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Sat Nov 12, Dec 10, & Jan 22: Longstreth Series - Pursuit start at CYC and a chase around the bay. Will be on the road for the first Longstreth.

Sat Jan 7: Bornsen New Year's Day Race: Pursuit start at CYC and a chase around the bay.

We'll also be looking for some dates to do some casual recreational sailing throughout the year - whale watch dates, kids to Stingray Point days, sail and lunch days...

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